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Eurovetrocap packaging

Site Description

Euromakeup is a new branch of Eurovetrocap which produces and sells packaging dedicated to the world of make-up. With a winning policy of pricing, lead times and flexibility, 

the approach of Euromakeup to market is focused to support make-up brands and third-party manufacturers with the purpose to become a useful and reliable partner for them.


Eurovetrocap has been developing, manufacturing and selling for over 30 years, glass and plastic packaging for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and make-up markets.

Our history starts in the '40s, when the Cattaneo brothers: Annibale, Paolo and Carla founded the Vetreria Cattaneo, located in the central Via Gian Giacomo Mora, Milano. Besides the production of blow moulded glass containers for the Italian market, thanks to their technical ability, they also built the first machines for automatic and semiautomatic production in their workshop. These machines were then sold to different glass factories around the world. The company was restructured in the '60s, changing its name into IVISC (Industria Vetraria Italiana S. Cristoforo). It was based in Trezzano Sul Naviglio, with a plant of more than 40.000 square meters. Bormioli Rocco Spa bought it in the ‘80s. Three of Annibale's sons: Vanni, Carlo and Marco, born between the '50s and '60s grew up during a huge economic boom in Milan. After completing their studies, they were charmed by glass production and they started to work in the family company. After selling to Bormioli Rocco Group, the 3 brothers, on the strength of their experience in the factory, decided to establish a new company dedicated to the sales and decoration of glass and plastic containers for the cosmetic industry: Eurovetrocap Spa. During the last 35-years, the group has seen significant growth, also through the acquisition of some competitors, thanks to its strategy, designed to meet the requirements of the cosmetic industry and its fragmented supply chain. In 2019 the company had a turnover in eccess of Euro 50 million, 100 employees, one branch in Tuscany, a partner in Paris, a sales force in 30 Countries and product sales in 98 markets.

EUROVETROCAP has successfully been doing business for more than 30 years in the field of packaging for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products.
These are the keys of our success: quality, competitive prices, short delivery times and also the possibility to supply small quantities of standard products. Our aim is to offer the best packaging solutions, aware that your success is also our success.

The range of our products is wider than that of our main competitors and it expands year on year with many new items being added. We are making efforts to develop new shapes, to use innovative materials and to improve engineering of new devices suitable to make our product always safer, cheaper and more effective.
Your product will be unique: due to a design in line with market trends, the extreme manufacturing flexibility and the most modern decoration techniques.

With more than 15.000 pallets of standard goods, in our two warehouses and innovative management software, processing thousands of orders per year, we are ready to promptly satisfy your requests, also for small volumes of products.

Multiple standard accessories, suitable for each bottle or jar, with the possibility to choose customized colours from 5000 pcs/references, give us the possibility to create an incredible number of combinations of unique products.
Our modern production plant offers many decoration alternatives including:
• pad printing
• traditional and UV silkscreen printing
• lacquering
• hotfoil stamping
• metallization
• metal embossing/debossing
• 3D sublimation

Our designers are glad to take care of all stages of your projects, from the graphics to the creation of specific items both in glass and plastic, improving the time-to-market.

This is our stock-in-trade. We constantly receive lots of artworks from our customers, which we are able to adjust for silkscreen, hotfoil or pad printing. We will help you to maximize the final result during the printing operation.

Our industrial designers are ready to assist you, with their large experience in handling hundreds of moulds. Our prototyping machines will quickly allow you to get a sample of the product you have in mind. The combination of personalized items and our range of standard accessories, gives you the opportunity to obtain a tailor-made product with limited investment of money for new tooling.

We are happy to offer a new service in communication, taking into consideration continuous market evolution. Thanks to our privileged position in the production chain, we can have a 360° view of the market situation, news and trends. Our know-how becomes an instrument at your disposal for the following:
• corporate Identity
• naming
• concept and development of packaging
• web


Our quality system is guaranteed by statistical controls of incoming and outgoing goods, according to iso 2859/1 standards.
Up to 3700 controls are carried out each year.
Our laboratory, equipped with the appropriate tools, can carry out vacuum leakage testing, coupling, tightening and separation force on caps and compatibility tests with customer bulks, whenever requested. QC staff are ready to recommend specific solutions for eventual problems which might occur on filling lines.

ISO 9001ISO 14001