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LOM Glassworks

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LOM Glassworks

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LOM Glassworks Company

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LOM Glassworks - Your Expert Glass Packaging Manufacturer

With more than 22 years of experience as a leading glass packaging manufacturer, our clients are in more than 108 countries and regions. The glass bottle and jar manufacturing services of LOM Glassworks can be customized to suit your needs.

In order to meet the requirements of the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries, all of our glass containers have passed FDA, G.R.A.S, SGS, and UV certification. Additionally, we offer caps and closures so that you can have a one-stop solution for glass packaging.

The LOM Glassworks Company can provide you with more than 3000 kinds of glass bottles and jars, making it one of the best manufacturers of glass bottle packaging in China.

Our D&R team and mold team will assist you in making the sample within 15 days, so you can control the cost. Whether you are a glass bottle brander, glass bottle importer, or glass packaging distributor, we are your custom glass bottle manufacturer.

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We provide qualified glass bottles for the food industry, the beauty industry, the personal care industry, and the home, and pharmaceutical industry. In addition, as a glass bottle design company, we can assist you with all design needs.

Glass Jars With Lids Manufacturer and Wholesale

As a professional glass jars manufacturer and wholesale in China, we offer different styles of food-grade, child-proof, and cheap eco-friendly, heat resistant glass jars with lids bulk and china glass containers to the world.

Due to the expansion of the market, our production line has been converted from gas coal production to natural gas production. This will result in more environmentally friendly and higher quality products.

We offer a wide range of empty glass jars including spice jars, cookie jars, honey jars, sugar jars, milk jars, yogurt jars, jam jars, and glass jelly jars for the bathroom, and laundry room.

For decoration, clear and colored glass jars are available such as amber glass jars, blue glass jars, black glass jars, green glass jars, and purple glass jars. You can tell us any color you want.