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Lifestyle Packaging

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Lifestyle Packaging

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Official website:https://www.lifestylepackaging.com/

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Site Description


Dedicated Packaging Solutions

Lifestyle Packaging has a comprehensive range of packaging services, generated from years of engagements with a range of industries. We have built a team of caring, knowledgeable and proactive experts to support your vision. Lifestyle is your packaging team – delivering from concept to market-ready solution with our market-leading team of packaging experts and an unrivalled packaging supply chain.


Our head office is a creative and production hub, complementing the company’s strategic manufacturing locations. Using our knowledge from 55 years’ experience, we supply first-class quality primary packaging.

We are always aware of the importance of consistent delivery of a high-quality and compliant product, so we partner with major stakeholders and have built strong foundations with authorities and governing bodies. Lifestyle always delivers strong results for our clients.

Combining our 55 years of expertise in packaging and device development, Lifestyle Packaging can partner with you to help you become a leader in your industry. Our market leading supply chain model is designed to improve profitability through speed and accuracy.

At Lifestyle, we truly understand packaging. With a wealth of packaging experience and research insight at our fingertips, we wanted to create a place where you could inherit all of our packaging knowledge. Armed with the very best information, you can feel confident that you know exactly what you need to solve your packaging needs.

The key to best packaging is understanding the requirements and availability, so browse through the essential information on Lifestyle Useful Resources, or check out our blog for interesting articles, how-tos and expert advice.

Quality Control

We have a Quality Control team who cares, understands the needs and requirements of a range of industries. Our quality team ensure that our environment in which we design, manufacture and supply is at optimum standard – we work to an international standard of ISO 15378.


The team drives standards throughout the company, from GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to committing the business to be leaders in setting environmental standards – ISO 14001.

The commitment from the business is to support strong outcomes for our clients. Stemming from our sister company Origin Pharma Packaging, Lifestyle works to pharmaceutical standards in our manufacturing, storage and fulfilment. We set objectives alongside the growth of our clients and continually improve our practices, standards an upkeep so that we our products and deliverables remain at the highest standard possible.


We continue to innovate the packaging supply chain on a global level. We deliver all supply chain services: design, manufacture and management. Lifestyle Packaging has the capacity to take your packaging project from concept to completion in record speeds – improving the profitability of your product launch.

Snappd is manufactured and filled at our facilities in the UK.

It has been developed to deliver one hand, single-shot solution with minimal contact when dispensing liquid.

Innovation is at the forefront of our delivery, so we are offering this neat pouch for thousands of applications providing opportunities you had not previously thought possible.

The product has a very unique dispensing mechanism to allow the user to dispense the solution with one hand in one movement. Snappd can be used in a range of environments from topical cream, to liquid into the mouth.