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Coverpla packaging

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Coverpla packaging

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For more than 70 years, Coverpla has been manufacturing and distributing primary packaging components for perfumery and cosmetics. With hundreds of different in-stock bottles, cap and pumps, we bring complete packages to market swiftly and efficiently. Though our niche is the design of stock bottles and caps, as a manufacturer, we can customize our components through tinting, mold modification and in-house decoration. We are able to screen print on all of the materials we offer; glass, plastic, metal and wood. Coverpla is committed to design and innovation, introducing a number of new bottles and caps each year. All of our products are European in origin bringing a level of quality and service that is unsurpassed and guaranteed by Coverpla and our partners.


Coverpla is a supplier of primary packaging for the Fragrance and Skincare Industry.

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A few words of history

When it was created in 1946, COVERPLA was specialized in wine bottle trading. Close to Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world, the company then naturally developed in packaging for fragrance and skincare by incorporating industrial processes on 3 distinct sectors :

  • Decoration

  • Injection molding

  • Pump assembly

France, a priority market

After the development of a local activity two steps away from Grasse, Cradle of the World fragrance, COVERPLA has extended its activity to the entirety of France.

Coverpla in the world

  • 1988 first exports

  • July 2016, creation of a subsidiary in New York : COVERPLA Inc

  • October 2017, creation of an office in italy

  • October 2017, a LIFE in Mexico

  • A network of agents all over the world : Spain, Germany, Scandinavia, Greece, Israël, Japan, South Africa, Philippines, Uruguay/Paraguay…

  • Yearly Participation in many international shows (Paris, Bologna, New York, Dubaï, Tokyo, Monaco, Hong Kong, …)

Conception & Development

COVERPLA creates and develops its own models :

  • Externally by partnering with the biggest european glass leaders for bottles

  • Internally for the caps


  • Certification ISO 9001 since 2002

  • Incoming inspections, during production and before shipment

  • Partnership with the european glass suppliers, mainly french and for which their know-how is recognized in the fragrance and the glass industry

Coverpla in numbers

  • SAS capital of 76 834 €, created in Nice in 1946

  • Turnover : +/- 15 M€

  • Employed : 45 people

  • Export sales turnover :

    • 67% continental Europe

    • 33% outside of Europe