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Maybe people are really visual creatures, every time I see those perfume bottles in different forms, even if I don't know the name of the perfume and I don't know anything about its smell, I will still long for them. Just like a greedy child, you want to open each bottle and smell it properly.

This year is the centenary of the birth of one of the world's most famous perfumes "Chanel No. 5", the wealthy Chanel company of course will not let go of this opportunity to make a big deal, opened a "Chanel No. 5 factory limited time experience store" in Chengdu Taiyang Taikoo Li The company put on the most original packaging of Chanel No. 5: a simple laboratory flask.

Perfume bottle design is certainly an art, if a good perfume name gives the perfume a beautiful filter, then a good perfume bottle design gives the perfume a dream shape.

Today we will take a look at the perfume bottle designs that make people spellbound.

Mendittorosa - Nettuno

Mendittorosa, an Italian perfume brand, has captured a large number of loyal buyers with its niche and literary atmosphere. The founder, Stefania Squeglia, loves astrology and has a deep knowledge of astrology. Therefore, we can see a lot of occult and astrological elements in the design of Mentitolosa's bottle.

Mentitolosa perfumes are made in the small town of Grasse, known as the "Perfume Capital of France", and the bottles and packaging are all handmade. The common materials used include wood, metal, clay, rope and other materials, and all bottle caps are either uneven stones or twisted wires, full of coarse qualities. Whenever I see Mentito Rosa's perfume bottles, the words "rigid and soft" come to my mind.

Neanderthal (Neandertal) - Dark (Dark)

Since the British fragrance brand Neanderthal is too low-key, the variety of fragrances launched is not that many, but they are all wonderful.

The unique shape of the bottle is based on the flint of Norfolk, England, with a coarse appearance as if it were a tool used by ancient people when they drilled wood for fire. The beauty lies in this, the ancient human stone tool as an inspiration, as if the cluster of fire that lights up the sense of smell is unforgettable at first sight. The bottle is also very reminiscent of the brand's name. The scent is also quite in line with the popular "cold" style, but after smelling it for a long time, you can also experience a touch of spicy and exciting.

I can imagine that people who like to wear COMME des GARÇONS or Rick Owens should wear this fragrance in the fall and winter season.

Ramon Molvizar - Moon

When I saw this perfume bottle, the cold moon naturally came to my mind. I wonder if the smell of this perfume bottle is as cold as the moon palace, and I can only hear the sound of the moon rabbit pounding?

The round bottle is inlaid with sparkling diamonds, and the inside is etched with traces like snowflakes, making it look like a beautiful crystal ball when you hold it in your hand. If Ms. Naoko Takeuchi, a rich lady, had seen this perfume bottle, I wonder if she would have given it to Moon Princess Tsukinoha? Such a perfume bottle, even if the fragrance has been dissipated, I'm afraid that it still can not move it out of the dresser, put it there, look are beautiful.

Moschino (Moschino) - Fresh (Fresh)

I always thought it was a shame that Jeremy Scott, Moschino's current creative director, wasn't working as a Disney spin-off designer. It's not that I don't like his designs; his wildly inventive nature combines seamlessly with the humorous DNA of the Moschino brand.

If he had been born in the 1960s, he might have become a pop artist, transforming common objects in reality into excellent works of art and recording the absurdity and excellence of our time.

Kenzo - A Flower

I had seen this perfume on a poster a long time ago, and a poem immediately came to mind: "When I first met you, it was like the return of an old friend".

The poppy blossoms quietly, hanging in the air, as if it is keeping its balance on this beautiful glass tower. The glass tower seems to be moved by her elegance as well, slightly slanting its posture and probing a look. Bold and simple in design, designer Serge Mansau has given this elegant flower a different look. The slightly curved body of the bottle is like a poppy gently swaying in the wind, showing infinite tenderness. The smooth and rounded curves resemble the feminine curves of the human body. The bergamot, Bulgarian rose, Sabah jasmine and charming white musk notes are mixed together, echoing the name of this elegant fragrance.

Kenzo - Totem

Another Kenzo Takada. Although it is now a French brand through and through, the design of the perfume bottle was created by Nendo Design Office.

As a unisex fragrance, the design of the bottle should not reflect a clear gender bias, but also appeal to a new generation of young people, Nendo chose the "totem pole" imagery, calling the attention of a new generation of "international nomads" to this fragrance. The millennial generation, under the influence of both globalization and the Internet, is gradually eliminating cross-cultural differences in nationality, language and religion, and they are pursuing a more collective identity, forming a new modern tribe. This perfume is the totem pole of the new tribe, people can find their companions through the scent.

Our generation is "confirming the right person", but it seems that the next generation will not only check the eyes, but also the scent is one of the pass codes.
Penhaligons - Animal Head Portrait Series

Born in 1870, founder William Penhaligon was once a barber and perfumer for the British royal family, and the smell of the perfume and the bottle reveal a strong sense of English aristocratic gentility.

Understated, introverted and subdued is the first impression you get when you see this bottle. But not mute, a true gentleman understands when and where to show his head. As the cap of the bottle, the head of the beast is very different. A gentle deer, an unruly leopard, a wild wolf, a gentle dog, it seems that when you see the animal at the top of the bottle, you understand the message the perfume is trying to convey.

Using the design of the bottle cap, Penhaligon has created a distinctive persona for each perfume. In a darkly humorous way, a fictional story of a complete English upper class family is fictionalized. But then again, the symbolism of animals seems to be particularly strong in Western civilization. If you love the Rusty Lake series, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Etat Libre d'Orange - Fat Electrician

Of all the niche salon fragrances, my favorite is Liberation Orange County.

No it, just love the simple but heartfelt design. The uniform rectangular bottle with a silver nozzle, everything is a conventional operation. But the beauty lies in the circle located in the bottle and the red and blue logo in the middle, they are like an infinite black hole, will grab your attention all, in your mind branded deeply.

Seemingly the same, but in fact there is a big mystery. Each logo is extended on the prototype, and by constantly adjusting the subtleties of the design, the design of Liberty Orange is overall very uniform, forming a fixed visual image of the brand, but in the subtleties are different, and some can even reveal the personality of the user.

Love to pursue a little adventure? The black and red "Dangerous Complicity" is your cup of tea; the pursuit of simple beauty? Clear cologne (Cologne) is right! But if you are a bit naughty and like to go off the beaten track, you should definitely try Fat Electrician, don't be misled by the name, the moderate design of the logo tells you that this is not an easy "lightning". "The top notes are sweet and creamy, the base notes are thick like burnt wires, and you can tell by the sticky texture of the transparent bottle that if you like weirdos, this "Fat Electrician" is actually quite charming.

The "buy box" thing we all do, after all, we live in an era of "value is justice". Especially for a product like perfume that needs to tell a story, a good name and a good design can basically lay the foundation for a perfume's success. This time we selected eight bottle design highlights of the perfume, there is no your heart's desire? And which perfume bottle design do you like? Welcome to share with me.

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