The history of the development of the perfume bottle, not the same FEEL

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I believe that many people buy perfume, the first thing they look at will be the bottle of perfume, and then only the smell of perfume, when you walk through the perfume counter, it feels like now love to visit a small museum. In the past time chat, we can all feel the change of times through the distinctiveness of the perfume bottle, the sense of design of the perfume bottle.

In the first decade of the 20th century, according to the changing times, the peak of artistic style, perfume bottle design most of the more fancy and complex forms appear, the picture is the Floramye perfume of L.T.piver in 1905. The material of perfume bottles in this period was mainly made of crystal. The bottle was decorated with gold lettering and a brass cap, and a cork was used as a stopper to stop the scent from spilling out, and the bottle could be wiped directly on the wrist and neck with the stopper when used.

In 1907, the first aerosol perfume appeared. This perfume sprayer was called "perfumzers" and they transformed the liquid perfume into a nice spray. After the birth of the sprayer. A new industry was created to manufacture all kinds of decorative empty bottles with a spray function.

One of the most popular perfume bottles was called Devibiss, which had a curved body and was decorated with a few glass flowers at the top. In those days, aerosol perfume bottles were very expensive.

In 1920, with the First World War, American soldiers brought back perfumes from overseas to give to their sweethearts, thus affecting the increased demand for perfume. As perfume sales increased, American perfume companies flourished, while perfume bottle designs were more in line with fashion, with new perfume bottle designs emerging. As perfume bottles changed, the flavor of perfume was more and more international, as opposed to the flavor of the previous terroir and the fancy and complex bottle design packaging concept was abandoned, more fashion sense and urban design inspiration emerged.

In 1930, when the financial crisis hit, there was an unprecedented decline in sales of perfume. Many perfume makers around the world were forced to close, and those rare perfume bottles temporarily disappeared. In their place was a simple and cheap bottle. The perfume companies also chose to produce a high volume of cheap bottles, in the appearance of a little in making a striking packaging. For example, these coty perfumes of the thirties chose glass high heel bottles to catch the eye of consumers.


As World War II ended in the mid-forties, creative perfume bottle designs started to come back, but the coty style became dry and uniform, a situation that had never been seen in the past decade. The untimely arrival of the war ended the glass blowing industry, but people's desire for a sense of perfume bottles continued to grow. Perfume makers found a way to meet the public's demand for perfume by creating exquisite molds, which allowed these wonderful bottles to be mass-produced by machine.

This allowed for the mass production of these wonderful bottles by machine.

At this time it was common to see different companies coming up with the same wonderful bottle designs; by painting on the bottles, or coloring them with metal and plastic.

or decorating them with metal and plastic products; such individual designs were used to distinguish the different brands. For example, Germ aine Lecomte

Soir de tte perfume was a common bottle design at the time, but the metallic accents and satin-lined box gave the fragrance a decadent feel.

The metal trim and satin-lined box gave the fragrance a decadent feel.

In this 40 years, the perfume bottle has changed in tune with social changes. And after 50 years it's another change.

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