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Tanabata, finally passed. In turn ushered in the year of the N degrees of free fish"new stock on the shelves,"the peak season...

  I'll talk about my own most afraid of the receipt of the gift, ranking the first place, is perfume. A person of fragrance preferences, it is a special intimate, particularly subjective, but also with the mood, the environment at any time to change something.


  Receive no greater than their preference of perfume, it is quite a headache: no not to face, with their own peril...

  Unless, this perfume bottle, looked particularly beautiful, especially interesting, resting at home watching all the happy kind...

  Like this!

  It is to me a few days ago surfing the net to see. From the 1920s, called L'orange, the entire perfume set is made of oranges🍊look. Outside there is half an orange peel filled with, especially realistic.


Inside there is a total of eight petals"Orange", each petal out is an independent fragrance, each scent are not the same. Isn't it super cute for!?


  Produced this"orange perfume"the company called Les Parfums de Marcy, is a circa 1910 founded the French perfume manufacturer. Their perfume bottles, brain holes are especially large.

  Following this"a nest of bird's Nest", also from Les Parfums de Marcy。



  They seem particularly happy to put perfume made of"food". There's this box of 6 pack of"champagne🍾️perfume"bottle inside is also different fragrance of the perfume.

  Details doing very in place, Wicker small basket filled with glass bottles, even the perfume caps with Cork, and strive to realistic.


  There is a this is called"Le Bracelet Miraculeux"perfume kit, as the name suggests, do it like a string of jewels bracelet is mounted on The 煞有其事 jewelry box.

  In fact, opened a look, the"jewelry"is actually five bottles of perfume bottle cap to



  There was a guy named Delettrez Paris Perfume perfume manufacturers also introduced similar perfume box, called"String of Pearls"is. Looks like a string of beautiful pearls necklace.

  Received this perfume as a gift, even if the bad smell will also be happy to die now!



  And these interesting antique perfume bottles, in the auction market prices are good, the growing climb high. Like the above Les Parfums de Marcy that several well-known design, save status, good words, and are able to sell two to three million dollars of the price.

  I'm selfish collected some beautiful antique perfume bottle@little yellow, but also to your boyfriend, many are also in the overseas variety of auction sites to buy. Hope you guys after the colors of Valentine's day without scratching, but also for the beautiful preserve the value of the investment...

  Perfume Bottles


  Lots of cute perfume bottle, are based on the plant for the inspiration, after all most of the perfume raw materials are derived from plants flower and fruit...

  Karl Lagerfeld also in Chloe worked at the time, also introduced a shape much like the orange petals perfume. This perfume is a typical orange blossom tones, from the inside out to make a orange soda taste-summer feeling.


  At the same time and it introduced another female perfume, bottle design with plants inspired by, the perfume bottle made of flowers look. The flowers, looking at should be the tuberose, which is also the fragrance of the plays.



  Schiaparelli launched one looks like ivy-leaf shape of the perfume, called"Succès Fou", meaning success.

  With Ivy-this shape is also because it is the language of flowers have loyalty mean, the name and shape of the Combine, is a blessing love,"became"now!

  Ooh, Valentine's day if you sent this, the entire hierarchy are overstating the......



  Following this Rose🌹, is also very interesting, it is not only a perfume bottle or a brooch it! Not the clothing, you can feel free to distribute aroma, a walking aromatherapy machine~



  Say to these plants-inspired perfume bottle, you cannot fail to refer to a person: René Lalique。

  He was a French glass designer, by Art Nouveau fashion of the impact of work often to naturalism tribute. Following this Lily of the Valley cap of the perfume bottle is Lalique's classic works.






👆This perfume bottle Squid is inserted in the bottle, the perfume bottle turned into a"flower"



  In fact, perfume bottle large development path that is more concise and intention of it. Could also be for reasons of cost and mass production needs.

  So the earlier, the end of the 19th century, we can see the more strange, a figurative design. Like a real bird, to costumes perfume.


There's even a serpentine, presumably, it is very suitable for put some sexy and dangerous a taste of...


  Art Deco prevalent in the period, also generated a lot of animal-shaped perfume bottle. They are more appeared in the bottle cap portion as a decorate.

  The following is only 20 years old perfume bottle just a cat"sits"on the bottle, as if to create your Guardian flavor, too cute to mess with.


  Art Deco glass perfume bottle by Julien Viard

  Nina Ricci has a very famous perfume, called"Eternity"is in the 1948 launch.

  The bottle cap is bizart Flying Pigeon, very smart, is used to symbolize undying love. That year a series of ads shot was quite beautiful.



  There are more elegant, more decorative approach. Such as this early 20th-century butterfly shape vintage miniature perfume, perfume bottle itself is actually only the little one, the bottleneck of the embedded a pair of wings to complete the look.

  Placed in the home like a beautiful butterfly specimens, want to carry out when you take off the wings can be, quite humane.



  In addition to the Between Heaven and Earth the growth of flora and fauna, romantic Sky nebula itself is also often appear in a variety of designs.

  Schiaparelli in 1946, has launched an app called"The Sun King and le Roy Soleil"of perfume, that is, with a radiant sun as a bottle, hardly, not a work of art~



  This sun motif is very interesting, with a pair of mourning the loss of expression. A perfume base on the there are some similar oil paint colors. Because of this bottle of perfume the design of the prototype is actually derived from Dali paintings👇


Pablo Picasso's daughter, Paloma Picasso, the creation of his eponymous brand with perfume, it had a sun design.


  This perfume bottle is both like the sun and its surrounding halo, and also a little like a🥚。 And Dali is another sub paintings are very similar, may be the design inspiration is from here.


  Small amount of the crushed ever put yourself in the Magie fragrance design through a moon image version. A full moon, a meniscus, there is expression. Looks cheap stuffin of...



Thierry Mugler's most famous perfume, that is"Angel", and which is a brand of classic stars style.


  Relatively young, with Ariana Grande own perfume brand. A few years ago launched a☁️styling perfume, bottle caps and bottom bracket are the clouds the shape, with acrylic and plastic material made, young and playful lot.

  Base made detachable, swing at home inserted in the base is very cute, go out also easy to carry.




  Perfume well, and the body the most intimate contact, it always will be and"sexy"together, with"body"as the bottle shape, not the minority.

  The most famous is Jean Paul Gaultier up. He Classique perfume, the shape is a voluptuous feminine curves, the very identification of the degrees.


  Classique perfume bottle look at Gaultier's costume designs can be found prototype is Gaultier's most iconic cone corset. (Before the Kardashian introduced to his body to pour the mold is made perfume bottle, also refers to the copy Gaultier...



  In fact, earlier, the brain hole big Schiaparelli also launched the extraordinary shape of the perfume. This"humanoid perfume"neck hung a strip of soft feet, very interesting, just like Schiaparelli Studio tailor amount of clothing with the person table model, highlighting her"high fashion"of the pedigree~



  And early art Deco popular at the time, there are too many in the details of the tracing on the characterization is much more like a perfume bottle. The character's demeanor, clothing design with enamel on the glass paint, which is quite vivid.



  Below this paragraph is the most interesting, the level of perfume is in the bottle cap, the outer bottle brains, it is off the beaten track the straw make the adult phantom-like, a weird sexy...


  Heinrich Hoffman perfume bottle 1930s


  Life in the common but unexpected items to be made into a perfume bottle styling, is the most interesting.

  Here again nominated Schiaparelli, this candle styling perfume bottle, is this my favorite, the usual swing at home like a candlesticks similar to



Allafeata ever produced by a mini size perfume bottle made into thread-like gold-plated look that much like a small light bulb.


  Small amount of the crushed once the perfume bottle, the brain hole is also very large, the 1955 launch of the"Magie and Treso", the fragrance is Packed in two"arrows", the packaging is a silky hand with Arrow Bag.


Originally in France, charity ball on the Gift Souvenir

  Jean Patou, and in 1935 designed an app called"Normandie"of the perfume. This perfume is affected by the cruise company commissioned to commemorate the SS Normandie in 1935 the first voyage created.

  Perfume body to tin made, the cruise of the chimney section is circular perfume bottle. This fragrance at first the SS Normandie voyage is distributed to the first class of each of the female guests, then a few years only to be engraved issued to the public.


  The first paragraph of Normandie perfume, and the vessels of the body are inseparable, in fact, very inconvenient. Later Jean Patou issued Normandie, as well as many other brands design similar to the ships shape, can be put perfume bottle alone carry out.

  Every time sailing cruise travel, can bring a branch of this perfume back, put the house yet beautiful and meaningful~



Chinoiserie in the Western fashion of the time, but also gave birth to many of the fan shape of the perfume bottle, some classic beauty to



  Look now, but also in figuring out this cute trick perfume, probably also only Moschino too. What beer La, detergents, is even if I don't know it smell good the bad smell, but also want to buy to play the degree of~




  A lot of the perfume, is the fashion house produced, or that, the perfume itself is a layer of clothes. So garment bag, natural is the bottle design inspired by one.

  Valentino was introduced in 1991 by a section called"Vendetta"of perfume, that is, from his own fashion design inspiration.

  That season outfits, there are multi-fold design, the Vendetta of the bottle also like the corner of pleated fabric, very elegant and smart.



Anna Sui in the year 2000 ever designed a bag styling perfume bottle, based on the then very popular hobo bag is a prototype.



  Guerlain"Dawamesk", the bottle body is the bow of style. Front and back are gold-plated, in the middle of the dark blue glaze is much like the double fabric in the middle of the shadow. Very different from the generally transparent glass bottle design, super chic~



  Prince Matchabell, is the following the only Crown styling perfume name. This perfume collection is a Georgian Prince opened, with his own name, the perfume styling reference to his crown, and strive to put the"Royal dream"brings to each and every person.......




  Some of the perfume, while the bottle design may not be so ground-breaking, but with a very beautiful outer box, people want to"买椟还珠"。

  Many antique perfume box packaging are old Grand, will specially custom one and perfume bottle size, style, and theme to match the outer box.

  Like this perfume bottle engraved with a Lotus flower motif in ancient Egypt, which symbolizes life. Its packaging is designed to be the sarcophagus of appearance, to create a more intense Egypt"flavor"of.



  There are the only Marquis of"Niradjah"perfume, bottle design style is the Arab style, packaging is like a tent, like to the perfume arrange a Grand residence~



  Before the Christian Dior loved to"Miss Dior"perfume design a variety of gorgeous"shelter"with.

  Below this paragraph 1956 limited edition J'appartiens Miss Dior, only the perfume bottle made dog Bobby, look, and also with silk to create the ultra-luxury of the"dog house"is.




  If you think above those antique perfume bottles to buy way too much trouble, and now most of the perfumes and look too"cold", it is also possible to consider some of the brand's recent launch of the"retro styling"perfume.

  Such as Guerlain's"Regal water", has been a Vintage market on the very popular of a perfume bottle.

  It is the Empress Eugenie to the Queen perfume, a bottle of the coat of arms was decorated with the French Royal Flag Flying Eagle, crown, scepter, are Napoleon Pro is selected, there are 69 only handmade gold foil embossed Bee.


  This perfume Guerlain is there has been a continuation of, and annually renew a new bottle design, the launch of some limited amount of design.

  This year's Muguet Millésime 2020 I'm particularly fond of, the bottleneck on the wound 24k gold wire, garnished with a string made of ceramic Lily of the valley, with the Green of the perfume, overall very fresh.



  Gucci's"Alchemist's Garden"Series perfume is also a good choice, the bottle design is a reference to the 15th century, a book of nature Encyclopedia of the Hortus Sanitatis action.

  Glass medicine bottle shape, gold-tone lettering, with painted floral motifs and Gucci's iconic animal symbols, the very best of vintage.


Names are also very beautiful,"winter spring","the flower of tears"what, really is the smell of Don't smell like to all of the purchased beauty extent.



  Also, the American brand Kat von d"Saint + Sinner Saint and sin"perfume. Its founder is a well-known tattoo artist, so the style is a bit dark, Gothic openwork pattern, it has a medieval style.

  Although this personal remembrance of the creation of the fragrance stepped on mine the probability a bit higher, but they pretty it is!



  White is the"Holy"Black is"sin"

  Well, I share the first stop there.

  Next, Ning share what it has to find anything very beautiful antique perfume bottle with? Or in the sale of perfume brands, there is something I missed the appearance of the particularly outstanding perfume, leave a message to tell me! Same old same at the end of the suction a bit fed interactive gift!

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