What kind of garbage is a perfume bottle? Are perfume bottles hazardous waste?

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Perfume bottles belong to what kind of garbage? Many partners are not very clear, the following interesting history of the editor will bring you a detailed introduction.

  Perfume bottles belong to recyclable garbage, perfume bottles are basically glass, there are also plastic, glass, plastic is recyclable items, so perfume bottles are recyclable garbage, can be placed inside the recyclable garbage can, but is the glass material to be careful and lightly placed. Of course, if you think the perfume bottle looks good, you can actually recycle and reuse it yourself to make simple small decorative items.

  The way to reuse perfume bottles: you can put them inside the closet, so that not only the closet inside the fragrance, our clothes will also be fragrant and attractive. You can also keep the lid of the perfume and the perfume separately, the perfume bottle into warm water for sterilization, ethanol and perfume to a ratio of 7:3 into the bottle, the beautiful fragrance is complete.

  Perfume bottles are harmful garbage?

  Perfume bottles are not hazardous waste, they are recyclable waste. Recyclable trash is because the material itself can be recycled, such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, and plastic packaging are all recyclable trash. Perfume bottles are mostly glass or plastic, so they are recyclable garbage. However, it is important to note that perfume bottles made of glass should be placed gently in the recyclable waste to avoid breakage.
  Recyclable garbage includes waste paper, plastic, glass, metal and textiles. Waste paper mainly includes: newspapers, magazines, books, various packaging paper, office paper, paper boxes, etc., but paper towels and sanitary paper are not recyclable because they are too water-soluble; plastic mainly includes: various plastic bags, plastic packaging, disposable plastic lunch boxes and tableware, toothbrushes, cups, mineral water bottles, etc.; glass mainly includes: various glass containers, according to the recycling process, glass is divided into colorless glass, green glass Brown glass; metal mainly includes: cans, metal can boxes, decorations and aluminum foil, etc., according to the recycling material classification: iron, non-iron (generally refers to non-ferrous metals); textiles mainly include: discarded clothes, towels, school bags, cloth shoes, etc.

  Perfume has a certain aroma and fragrance, according to the aroma can be divided into two categories: floral perfume and fantasy perfume. The aroma of floral perfumes, mostly simulated natural floral fragrance blend, mainly rose, jasmine, narcissus, magnolia, lily of the valley, gardenia, orange blossom, lilac, tuberose, acacia, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lavender and so on. Fantasy perfume is a new fragrance created by the perfumer through the artistic imagination of natural phenomena, customs, scenery, place names, people, emotions, music, paintings, etc.

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