Where To Buy Glass Perfume Bottles

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E&San logoSource: E&San

E&San is a professional glass perfume bottle manufacturer with its headquarters in Zhejiang Province, China. Established in2001, E&San has more than20 years of experience designing and manufacturing perfume bottles.

The company that exports to more than60 countries and operates a warehouse of more than20000 square meters makes it its business mission to satisfy clients.

E&San produces a variety of bulk glass perfume bottles, mainly dealing in aluminum perfume bottles, spray bottles, roller ball bottles, essential oil bottles, glass brand perfume bottles, hand sanitizer bottles, glass diffuser bottles, and glass tube bottles, perfume bottle accessories, etc.

The Chinese perfume bottle manufacturing company offers services that include exceptional research and development, dedicated customer service, customizable and innovatively designed glass perfume bottles, strict quality control, and secure warehousing. 

Wholesale orders of bulk glass perfume bottles from E&San allow businesses to select from an abundant variety of glass perfume bottles and grant them access to OEM/ODM manufacturers.

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Perfume bottles store and preserve fragrances. The shapes of the bottles are designed to keep the scent for long periods. With a history dating as far back as1000 BC in Egypt and Greece, perfume bottles are essential for storing fragrances. 

Perfume bottles have taken different forms of gold, enamel, porcelain, and glass in the past. But in recent times, perfume bottles are mostly made of glass. 

Glass perfume bottles manufactured from scratch require expertise, a dedicated team, and good infrastructure among other things. This post will highlight some manufacturing companies where businesses can buy wholesale empty perfume bottles.


Roetell LogoSource: Roetell 

Roetell, founded in1984, is a glass bottle manufacturing company headquartered in Jiangsu, China. The company, founded by Mr. Roe, father to the current Chairman, Mr. Roe Li, has established itself as one of the best glass manufacturing companies in the world.

With over150 employees working in manufacturing, packaging, logistics, and distribution, Roetell aims to provide exceptional services that are safe for the environment and satisfy their clients. 

The glass bottle company, understanding the importance of communities to the industry, adopts philanthropy into their services.

Roetell is a manufacturer of wholesale glass bottles such as glass perfume bottles, juice bottles, soda bottles, diffuser bottles, etc. They also manufacture wholesale glass jars such as glass coffee jars, candle jars, storage jars, mason jars, and wholesale glass vials..

Roetell offers a variety of business-to-business services such as the production of bulk glass bottles from conception to packaging, research and development to ensure quality production, bottle designs, quality management, glass decoration, and labeling, accessories and supplies, warehousing, and logistics, and after-sales services. They also offer various custom options for unique glass packaging. 

Buying wholesale glass perfume bottles from Roetell means opting for high-grade perfume bottles that are arsenic-free, lead-free, and UV protected. Also, with a promise to satisfy customers, Roetell offers a wide selection of closures and customization of glass perfume bottles.

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Made-in-China LogoSource: Made-in-China

The Made-in-China company operated by Focus Technology Co. Ltd was founded in1998 with a mission to provide a medium where entrepreneurs can access high-quality products directly from Chinese manufacturers. 

With headquarters in Jiangsu, China, the e-commerce platform offers businesses a variety of products to be bought wholesale. Made-in-China has a customer base spanning across the world, and with a competitive delivery service, the highly-rated website delivers goods easily and securely. 

To serve customers around the world, the brand operates a multilingual platform with ten languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, etc.

Made-in-China provides product information for27 categories and3600 subcategories. Some of the categories on the e-commerce platform include Agriculture and Food, Apparel and Accessories, Computer Products, Consumer Electronics, Furniture, Health and Medicine, Lights and Lighting, etc. 

With each product having more than10 subcategories ranging from bulk glass perfume bottles to vegetables and preparation, the company can connect a wide range of suppliers to businesses.

Made-in-China provides Business-to-Business services, Global Buyer services, and trade information and data.

They offer businesses that are looking for where to buy their empty glass perfume bottles access to many options of suppliers. 

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ZhenHua Glass Group

ZhenHua Glass GroupSource: ZhenHua Glass

ZhenHua glass group was established in1997 by Mr. Xia Xionfeng. ZhenHua has its customer market in China and the Middle East. The brand provides global services even though its three factories are situated in China. 

Dedicated to the production of quality cosmetic glass bottles and jars, ZhenHua glass group intends to keep delivering quality products that meet the needs of its wide customer base.

ZhenHua operates3 manufacturing facilities and has2.7 million square feet of space for its products. The products manufactured at Zhenhua glass group include glass perfume bottles, cosmetic glass and packaging, and plastic caps for the manufactured bottles.

The glass company based in China provides quality assurance through strict monitoring and management of the manufacturing process, from raw materials to finished products. 

The company ensures high-quality standards by conducting tests for durability, humidity, pressure, severe temperature, friction, etc.

Staffed with700 employees and attending to over9000 clients, ZhenHua encourages prospective customers to look to them for where to buy their empty glass perfume bottles by operating its business to protect the environment, give to the community, and embrace creativity.

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Lifestyle Packaging 

Lifestyle PackagingSource: Lifestyle packaging 

Established out of Origin Pharma packaging, Lifestyle packaging was created out of the need to answer non-pharmaceutical packaging requests made by customers.

A sister company to one of the leading healthcare packaging companies in the UK, Lifestyle packaging focuses on markets that involve e-liquid, CBD, home and personal fragrance, and skincare.

By providing concepts to market-ready solutions, the UK-based company hopes to become the leading packing company in the industry.

The products manufactured at Lifestyle packaging include cosmetic packaging, clear glass bottles, and packaging, glass perfume products and packaging, glass packaging, measuring devices, skincare packaging, pill bottles and vitamin packaging, plastic packaging, etc.

Lifestyle packaging services are bottles and jar decoration and labeling, custom packaging design, sustainable packaging, and expertise in child-resistant packaging designs to keep little ones safe.

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Wholesale order of bulk glass perfume bottles is easy and secure when buying from experienced companies that aim to satisfy customers.

This post highlights some companies that meet those requirements and have extra advantages. If you need glass perfume bottles, you should visit these manufacturers.

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